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About Our Farm

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Aviva riding Bit Of Gold (aka “Gracie”)

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Horsepen Hill Farm, LLC was built in 1999 and opened its doors to boarders on Memorial Day weekend of that year.

About Aviva

Aviva Nebesky is unique in the horse world in that she began riding as an adult. She specializes in teaching dressage to adult amateurs and to individuals who have fear issues. Aviva has the capability to encourage riders to challenge themselves without over facing them.

Before becoming a full-time horse person, Aviva was a social worker working extensively in physical rehabilitation. Her 25+ years in the helping profession have made Aviva aware of the individual needs of students and reinforced for her that being a good rider is not necessarily what makes a good teacher.

Professional Achievements

Aviva has competed successfully through Fourth Level and has achieved her USDF Bronze Medal. She graduated from the USDF “L” program with distinction.

Aviva currently trains with Cheryl Loane and Linda Zang. She has been fortunate to work with some fabulous dressage trainers over the years including:

  • Michael Barisone
  • George Williams
  • Elizabeth Madlener
  • Scott Hassler
  • Steve Wolgemuth
  • Lilo Fore
  • Ketherine Mashbir
  • Kay Meredith
  • Becky Langwost-Barlow
  • Manfred Lopp
  • Carolyn Del Grosso