Dressage Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

Q at inspection.

"A good teacher knows how to
reach the student on the level that
maximizes the student’s ability to
learn and grow."


Aviva’s belief is that people need to feel challenged and that they learn best with positive reinforcement rather than negative feedback. Her main focus is on the biomechanics of the horse and rider and the use of imagery to achieve harmony, balance, and lightness.

Aviva’s enthusiasm for her students’ successes rivals her pleasure in her own achievements.

Prices as of January 1, 2016:

  • Private lessons for boarders: $55/45 minutes
    • Training rides for boarders: $55 if boarder available to groom, tack, cool out
    • Training rides for boarders: $65 if boarder is unavailable to help with horse
  • Private lessons for trailer-in students: $65/45 minutes
    • Training rides for non-boarders: $65
  • Semi-private: $90/45-60 minutes

Aviva is available to travel to other farms for lessons. Those lessons will be a minimum of $75 + time/mileage depending on the location of the farm and number of lessons.

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you've given me and Sonny this year. I've dreamed of riding horses as long as I can remember and have long envied my daughter's skill. I never thought you'd want to take on someone like me and I am so very grateful you did. I have a whole new relationship with my Sonny and I believe we can get better- much better. Thank you!"
- Dottie Beierl

"Mrs. Aviva has taught me so much! She helped me get to know a new pony I was totally unfamiliar with. Even though she only teaches me Dressage she really helps me with everything. What she teaches me helps me with jumping games and everything else. Since I’m in Pony Club I do almost every type of riding. Sure my jumping coach teaches me how to go over fences and boost my confidence, but Mrs. Aviva teaches me much more and definitely helps me become a better rider. In my opinion Mrs. Aviva is the best coach I could possibly ask for. I work harder with her than with my other coaches….even though I work really hard while jumping. You could say she isn’t that bad during your first lesson, but in your second one watch out! It’s a lot harder in the second lesson. Mrs. Aviva is helping me become the best rider I can be! You could say she’s the base of my riding. I appreciate everything she does…and she does a ton! I highly recommend her for any rider. Beginners, advanced you name it, she’ll teach you to be the best rider you can be. I could never ask for better coach!"
- Ryan Campbell, aged 10