Meet My Horses

Pantaleone FLF

Pantaleone FLF Pantaleone FLF (aka Leo) was bred by Juliana Whittenburg of Flying Lion Farm in Florida. Aviva's dear friend, Phoebe DeVoe-Moore purchased this 2011 Oldenburg gelding by Pablito. When Aviva realized that she needed a new horse, Phoebe encouraged her to come meet this special guy. Can you say love at first sight?!

Leo moved to Horsepen Hill Farm in late September, 2015. He settled in beautifully and is working like star.

Aviva began showing Leo in the Spring of 2016. She competed only 4 times placing in every class and winning one. Leo was the Zone 2 Silver Stirrup Award Sixth place horse at Training Level. The future is bright for this young horse. Aviva says that if he was a human, he would be in a boy band he is so pretty and talented!

Fandango HHF

Fandango HHF Fandango HHF (aka “Fang”) is a 1995 imported Hanoverian gelding by Fein Brand.

Aviva purchased him in late 2003 and began showing him at Third Level in 2004. They quickly earned the scores needed for Aviva to earn her USDF Bronze Medal.

Unfortunately, Fang developed severe arthritis in his right front fetlock and was retired in 2006.

Aviva was able to show him a bit at Fourth Level and was able to school the Grand Prix movements but Fang’s soundness was the priority and he is now a pasture ornament and runs the farm.

He is affectionately known as "The Emperor."

Waterford SE

Waterford SE Waterford SE (aka “Fredi”) is a Virginia-bred 2003 DWB gelding by OO7 o/o a Wanroij mare.

Aviva purchased him as a 2 year old and has taken her time with his training allowing him time to mature.

Although Fredi earned Aviva her Fourth Level scores towards her Silver Medal, Aviva noticed increasing issues in his performance and comfort under saddle. After 2 years of multiple diagnostics, treatments, and frustration, Fredi was diagnosed with a severe metabolic problem. He has been retired from riding.

Continuum HHF

Continuum HHF
Continuum HHF (aka “Q”) is a homebred 2006 Hanoverian gelding by Contucci o/o Aviva’s retired Bordeaux mare, Bit Of Gold (“Gracie”).

Aviva bred Q hoping for a filly standing about 16.2hh. Instead she got a colt who has matured to 18.3hh!

He is the gentle giant of the farm. Because he is so big, he wasn’t backed and started until he was 4 years old.

After a few months under saddle, Q made his debut in the show ring at Training Level and scored a 68%.

Q started the 2012 show season with a couple of schooling shows winning all of his First level classes with scores from 69%- 75% and getting High Scores for both shows. He then moved on to licensed competition where he won his Training Level 2 test at the PVDA Spring Show to qualify for the BLM Championships with a 67.5%.

He continued his winning ways at the PVDA Summer Showdown with a whopping 79.4% at Training Level test 3 to win the Training Level High Score Championship and Overall High Score for the show. He also scored over 67% at First Level test 2 to qualify for the BLMs at First Level.

Q ended the show season by qualifying for both the BLM and GAIG Championships at Training and First Levels. He was 8th at Training Level B at BLMs with a score of 69+% in a field of more than 40 horses and was 11th at First Level B with another 69+%in an even larger class. Although qualified, Q and Aviva did not compete at the GAIGs.

Additionally, Q and Aviva were the PVDA First Level Professional Champions with a median score of almost 72.5%.

Q was a star in 2014 ending his show season with a Fifth place at the BLM Championships at Second Level. At 18.3hh, Q has a lot of physical challenges to his soundness. The degree of collection required at Third Level seems to be more than his back and hips can handle.

Bit Of Gold

Bit Of GoldAviva purchased Pennsylvania-bred Gracie the same year she built the farm. Nineteen ninety-nine was a very good year!

She was the horse of a lifetime for Aviva earning all of Aviva’s scores at First and Second Level for her Bronze in a single show season.

Although they were only able to show during the 2001 season, Aviva and Gracie won the PVDA High Score Award at both First and Second Levels. Gracie sustained a navicular injury and was retired after only one show season.

After producing 3 lovely babies- the first of whom is Continuum HHF ("Q")- Gracie has retired.